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About Animal Communication

Hamar  Even our ancestors communicated with each others, with the animals and nature in this way and built a connection. Nowadays we mainly communicate via verbal speech. Therefore this 'old' means of communication - the telepathy - is mainly burried amongst the humans. There are still peoples in this world, for example the Aborigines in Australia, that still use Telepathy in their everyday life.

Animal communication is almost like a 'live' show on television, because in such a show information, that is, images and acoustic signals = sound, are being broadcasted at a high rate using energy and a so-called medium to send it from sender to receiver. This way we can almost at the same time see, feel and hear situations from all over the world. These kind of shows are part of normal life for us western people.
Telepathy is actually not any different - it works very fast and also in Telepathy there are images, sound, or emotions broadcasted, and as one person thinks approximately 60.000 thoughts or more on every single day one can cannalise and channel these thoughts and direct them especially to one person or one animal and therefore can pass these thoughts to exactly these special receivers: or haven't you often wondered why your dog knows when you're coming home and he's waiting for you in front of the door, or your cat starts to miaow before you even enter the kitchen to open the can.
And why is that - exactly, because you've thought about it before you took action on it!

However, in spite of all the scepticism, and we humans just tend to only believe what science proves to us, but solely because science could not prove it so far it doesn't mean that Telepathy doesn't exist.
And isn't it that only in 1686 Newton could prove that something like gravitation actually existed - and didn't things fall from top to bottom, to the ground, already prior to that without us knowing that this was caused by grativation?