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When Animal Communication

What can one achieve with animal communication?
How can it be used?

If you want to find out how your animal friend is doing at the moment, if it's feeling alright, or if it is troubled, if there's something it might need at the moment or in general, if it is afraid of something, or if there's something that they don't like or that disturbs them. Such a general communiation helps to establish a deeper connection to your animal friend, so that you can understand it better and give them the oportunity to learn to understand you better.

Animal communication can be a big help, if the animal had traumtic experiences in the past, that can be cleared up through a conversation. One can treat certain behaviour patterns in a better way that might have been formed, because of these experiences of the past.
So it obviously is a big help in such cases.
The same goes for certain severe illnesses the animal suffers from, because animal communication can be a big help in situations like mourning periods or helping them die with dignity and to be a companion on their 'last journey'.

Animal communication is an essential factor to prepare them for further treatment, and to prepare them to talk about their traumata or bad experiences. Also prepare them to tell us exactly what they suffer from, both physically and emotionally, or tell us what they are afraid of and how we can help them to feel safe again. After such a conversation I can decide what kind of treatment will be necessary to help the animal in the best possible way.