I help and healHuman and Animal!


What can I do beforehand?

With animal communication you can communicate all the information that your animal friend needs to know about a possible decisive turning point in their lives. I am talking about a move, a longer time in which you maybe will be away from home, a journey, a radical change like for example a divorce, birth of a child, move-in of the spouse, etc.
It's like with us humans, the animals would like to know what will happen so they can prepare and be prepared.

Also in case of an illness we can find out, by talking to the animal, what is wrong with it, most of all if traditional medicine doesn't have an answer. The vets sometimes are faced with a riddle that they cannot solve, as it is the case in human medicine also, sometimes, and then the animal itself can probably tell most likely what is wrong, or what is the cause for the illness. And that is where I can start my work then to help.