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Animal Communication advanced course 1


The advanced course 1 is for all of you who already did take a animal communication basics course and who want to learn more and deepen their ability to communicate telepathically.

In this seminar we will communicate with wild animals and domestic animals, also with plants, minerals, elemental beings and nature itself.
Knowledge and awareness of the intelligence, beauty and wisdom of all the species will be intensified.
You will experience unity with nature which helps you to strengthen you for the telepathic communication with animals.
It will get clear to you that we're all one. Nature - human - animal - all are connected.

Here are some main points:

    · How can we talk about the problems or troubles with our animal friends?
      · Why are they so very helpful for us?
        · What are their roles and therefore ours and what do we do about them?
          · How do our animal friends help us find our right path?
            · What is our role regarding our animal friends and our lives?
              · We will do a shamanic journey to find our power animal, that is a great help in practising telpathic communication with animals.

              Moreover we will learn to get to know our own limitations and learn how to overcome difficulties. I will personally take care that everyone will learn how to let loose and let go of everything that blockades/inhibits the participants to have unlimited telepathic communications with the animals.
              Mind and heart will be melded while we learn how to ask the right questions and to differenciate between our own imagination, or the human yearning for a certain answer, and the information that comes from the animal.

              The seminar takes a whole weekend.

              Number of participants: 2 - 8.

              The requirements to participate is the animal communication basics seminar and a quorum of at least 10 conducted conversations.

              If you have any further questions please just let me know.

              I'm looking forward to meeting you.



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