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Ancestral placing / family placing

Family placing in my own way...

A family placing can dissolve blockades and difficulties within the family members.

In a regular family placing there are most of the time strangers in the room, and the will represent the members of the family of the one who is doing the family placing of his family.
Often this is not easy for the person involved, because they have to bare their soul in front of ‘strangers’.

However, my kind of shamanic family placing is really very different to the regular system.

It will be in a safe room and it will be with just you and me, or the person(s) you’d like to have in the room.
I can see the problems and the blockades and then can give them a push in the right direction and can help them talk about it an d handle the problems. The biggest , ohne dass er dies selbst ansprechen muss, was oftmals einfach die größte Hürde ist.

Ancestral placing in my own way ...

An ancestral placing is quite similar to the family placing, but this also includes all family members and also the ancestors.
In the one or the other way we are all connected with our ancestors, both in the genetic way and the energetic way, and as it all ends in a line of ancestors with the younger members, all the blockades and of course also the emotional baggage basically gathers around this younger member.

In such a placing we can find out about these emotional baggage and the blockades and we can dissolve and start to deal with it.

An ancestral placing or family placing can take up to 5 hours, and usually it takes place in my seminar rooms.
I a special case I will come to you also. Please contact me if you have any questions.