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Burning incense - herbs - workshop

Burning incense is an important tradition, still today ...

Burning incense is essential if you use traditional methods of shamanic healing. However also in modern shamanic treatment burning incense is used to clean and prepare the energy in rooms and spaces.

Where does the burning incense come from and what is the whole pupose of it?

Burning incense was discovered at the same time fire was discovered. In all the known cultures, doesn't matter if Indian medicine men, Celtic shamans, or the shamans of Asia to burn incense always was included in the process. It was a means of communicating with the universe, or with what religiously was 'up there'.

In this seminar the participants learn how to burn incense (= herbs, resins, small lumber like e.g. 'palo santo').

Burning incense can have a relaxing, invigorationg, or recuperating effect.

Over the weekend the participants will learn about the different effects in various excercises and will learn how to make their own incense.

What you can expect:
    · Culture and tradition of burning incense
      · When and to what purpose can one burn incense?
        · What kind of incense is there and which herbs and plants etc. do we use in which case?
          · Preparation, the making of, and the method to burn incense
            · Making of an individual incense

            I'm looking forward to meeting you.



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