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A matter of personal concern .......

To help children that experienced traumata is very important to me because children have this innocence that is so fragile and tender and with my work I can help to get back a little of this lightheartedness, while treating a child that experienced a trauma,

Children that are born with severe allergies, neurodermatitis, asthma, and other chronic illnesses, or show other abnormalities like eating disorders or anxieties obvisously have emotional or mental injuries.
Every illness derives from an injury of the soul and by finding the cause of this injury one can find out how to treat the illness.

To treat a trauma and solve it means that also the troubles the body shows can be solved.

Every form of traumata leaves a kind of a mark in the soul and most of the time a bad experience of the childhood has not been processed but just been blocked.
Most of all if this has happened between birth and the 5th year.

The child then shows abnormalities that nobody can explain and then from these abnormalities there result illnesses.

A very frequent abnormality is ADD (attention deficit disorder) through which children obviously try to show that something is wrong because they cannot concentrate and don't seem to find their inner peace. They don't seem to be able to find peace of mind any more.
The bad experience then is the blockade, everything centers on that blockade and the soul cannot find peace. And of course the body, in this case, the child also cannot find peace.

Most of the time the children get strong medication to tranquilize them, but this of course doesn't help to change the situation. It just numbs the symptoms, but it will never solve the problem, the cause of the illness, or the troubles.
Only if one goes deeper and tries to find the trauma and what caused it and therefore solve it, the child will be able to heal.

Then the child will get back their peace of mind and will be able to lead a normal childhood.

For a distant healing in this area I just need a short description of the problem, and the name of the child.
In some cases I will also come there personally, most of all if this is requested, therefore you can make an appointment.

Details about costs etc. you can ask me about via email.