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Shamanic cleansing of places, houses etc...

It's happened very often that people come to me to tell me that things keep going to pieces all the time in their houses, or they keep injuring themselves in 'the house' and that there had been accidents again and again around 'the house'.

This can be an example that the enery is not 'clear' there and that there is negative energy in a huge amount around or in the ground of the house.
It doesn't matter where this energy will be - I will always find out what causes such tragedies and accidents by 'reading and scanning' the energy there and then immediately can start the cleansing.

It is also possible that so-called 'stray' energies, souls, that then are up to no good and often are called 'poltergeist' or family ghosts.

Most of the time the energy is so extreme in those places that strange things happen there - and most of all until the energy is cleaned - keep on happening.

After I cleansed the place , and after the energy is positive again everything goes back to normal rather fast, and everyone can calm down again.

For this energywork I need a picture and the address of the location - the house - and perhaps a small description of the happenings.
In some cases, if possible, I will also come there personally, most of all if this is requested.

Details about costs etc. you can ask me about via email.