I help and healHuman and Animal!

Long distant healing

Why is long distant healing possible and what is it anyway?

Energy is always and everywhere...

That's why I can reach anyone just via the energy, because wer're connected through energy. It's actually like being on the telephone, I just dial 'your number' and can then talk to you, or more likely your spiritual being.

I am often asked how I do it that I can read a person without a meeting or a even a picture, and just through an email can find out how the person is feeling and then even am able to help or heal.
I always answer the sam - it's all energy and energy is always there everywhere and so it also flows between us humans and also between human and animal and connects us. This way I can reach anyone just by 'calling' them through the energy.

Like I said it's as if I would pick up the phone and dial in the number of the person I am supposed to help and the reviever takes the call. Then we have established a connection and I can go to work.

I then can read through the energies what is wrong and where the cause lies for the troubles the person does have.

In my experience all illnesses and troubles derive from an injury of the soul so you can heal the body, meaning the illness or the troubles the person suffers from, if you can heal the soul.

Distant healing therefore is just as possible and effectiv as a personal appointment.

The only difference is the personal contact.

If you like the get to know me and rather have a personal consultation just make an appointment. I am looking forward to receiving your email or call.

In a distant healing you have to wait for approximately 4 weeks, if it is an emergency, I will treat the case preferentially.

You will receive a report of what I was able to see or do. I will send it via Email, or standard mail.

Details and methods of payment you will receive in an email after you contacted me.