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Energetic Straigtening

Definition - Energetic Spinal Straigtening ..

What you can expect in an Energetic Spinal Straigtening:
The spine in the body is the link between earthly energy and spiritual energy. It serves as a buffer for all the emotions the person or animal experiences during his whole life.

On the spiritual level one then can experience a kind of expansion of the mind, and freeing of the spirit. This enables to come to a special ease, which will adjust as soon as all mental blocks have been released and all random energy (e.g. spiritual implants, mental controls, visitations, psychosis, drugs, alcoholism, mental manipulations) has been diverted out of the body. The energy is then free to flow again and the body can return to its original unwound state.

After the correction of a crooked pelvis, which then results in the equalisation of the length of the legs, the levelling of the shoulder blades and the energetic straightening of the spine, even the most severe cases of pains and/or accidents (e.g. slipped disks) can be healed immediately. There are no coincidences in life, everything happens for some reason, to finally free the spirit.

With this straightening all self healing capacities will be activated on all levels - the physical the spiritual and the mental level.

Energy is everywhere and within all of us, we are all connected, and through this connection the healing is possible.

This treatment also happens through distance healing, as it is not necessary to touch the one in need of help.

Usually all it takes is one session to straighten out the energy, but if the problem actually lies somewhere else we have to see if another method or treatment is actually the better solution for your problem.

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