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Energy work

What is energy work?

Energy is always and everywhere....

That's why you can reach everyone at anytime, and everything is connected.

In shamanic work it is very important to be able to read energy. and therefore being able to discern what is negative, for example triggered by a really bad argument you had with someone, or triggered by negative emotions and aggressions etc. and what is positive energy, like love and happyness. The shaman, the healer, is then able to extract the negative energy and replaces it with positive energy.

The energy healer, or shaman sees illness and problems the person hat in form of energetic material, and they can 'work' with it, moving it, extracting it, replacing it.

Love, joy, light etc. that all exudes positive energy, is positive energy and this is the strongest healing power there is.

To heal and help the healer works with this positive energy.