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What is shamanic extraction?...

The energy flow often is disturbed by intrusions. . These intrusions do not belong in the body and may cause illness and pain.
With the help of the spirits I will remove = extract, these intrusions so that the usual energy flow can be established again.

There are many different methods to do this, that spring from the different cultures from all over the world. I have experienced or rather used all of them over the years.

Of course I slowly developed my own adjusted method. I adapted it to the modern age and refined it for my own needs.

The most important factor in an extraction is basically that the right method is picked for the individual person (or animal) that is being treated.

Extraction is one of the most elemental technique used in shamanism and actually needed in every healing process.

If you have any questions concerning this please just send me an email.

Details about costs etc. you can ask me about also via email.