I help and healHuman and Animal!


Before I can start my work as a healer I will collect the medical history. This is not necessary for me to work, because the soul, of the one I work with at the moment, shows me all I need to know, and it always shows me the current problem, but if there are additional troubles you want me to work on, it definitely is easier if I know a little bit about your physical situation.
Most of the time I work over the distance distant healing except the situation calls for me to do a personal consultation.

However, if requested you can of course make an appointment for a personal consulation in my practice.

I have strong telepathic abilities and my energy as a healer is extensive so that I am able to work over the distance. I can read the energy of another being and then find out what troubles them, to help and heal.

What can I do for you:

After the anamnesis I start to work. This can take some time due to waiting time and workload. Of course I will give preferential treatment to emergencies.

What do I take for my work? Please contact me about details via my contact form or by phone.



Traumatherapy with Children

The soul of a child
of course is a lot easier to traumatise, because children have a certain fragile innocence. They do trust easily and therefore are not always protected against assaults by a familiar person. These assaults of course cause severe traumata that are very often blocked out, by the child, after if happened.
However, the trauma has already occured, and so that a child can still lead a good and 'normal' life, such traumata have to be dealt with and dissolved.