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Herbal Vision - herbs seminar

Go on a journey to find out more about herbs...

This is an excusion a kind of vision quest that deals with all kind of herbs.

We let ourselves be found by medical plants and herbs that mean something to us personally, and we learn about their effect on us or in general.

Requirements are the basics in shamanic journeys and experience in shamanic journeying.

Herbal vision is planned for the next spring time. More information you can find on my homepage, just check in regularly.

I am looking forward to meeting you.



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March, 2019
Start of the new apprenticeship!


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Melanie Berg Student Shamanic Healing "I was really depressive and didn't actually see any kind of solution to my problems .."

Patricia S.-L. Mummert yoga-inn.de Yoga Teacher Patricia provided me with the journal I wrote to my shamanic work and telepathic conversation with her cat Lucia..

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