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Energetic Intrusions

Dealing with energetic intrusions ...

Intrusions caused by strange energies are not a rare thing and they can happen on many different occasions.

Negative emotions like fury, fear, pain, anger, etc. build up negative energy, that puts a strain on the person in question, and the more of these negative energies are stored in one persons own aura the more they cause problems.

For example in an argument, or even after an argument, negative energies can be transferred with a simple thought, see also telepathy, in a negative way, from one to another.
And if someone thinks bad thoughts about another person all the time, the negative energy that is created in that negative thought will be transferred to the other one, and will - like I said - put a strain on the other person.

Most of the time this person, that is overexposed to such bad energy, then starts to suffer from a terrible headache or stomach ache, or symptoms like these.

Something like this is one form of a so-called intrusion by a strange energy. There are many others of course. If you're interested to learn about them, you can of course contact me.

Every one of these intrusions one can deal with by using shamanic techniques.

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