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Shamanic journeying

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What is shamanic journeying: firstly I want to please note that shamanic journeying has to be learned and shouldn't be just "tried out just for fun", at least not if there is nobody with you to know what they're doing. In some cases - if you're not doing it the right way - it really can be dangerous. So therefore I want to tell all the interested beginners out there to attempt shamanic journeying only in the presence of someone who knows how to help if something unexpected should occur.

I offer in my seminars - in two units of approximately 3 hours time - to learn the basics of shamanic journeying, in a safe environment.
I am talking about the shamanic journey 1, and shamanic journey 2.
After this everybody is able to let themselves lead their way to make shamanic journeying a safe and wondrous experience.

You will recieve the basic technics of shamanic journeying . I will show you how to find all the helpers and spirits that you need to find out all about yourself and your soul that you would like to know.

I am looking forward to meeting you.