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KARMA - circle of past lives

What is Karma?

The word 'Karma' basically sprang from Sanskrit and means 'wheel'. "It is the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect." This of course means that the karma always brings us back to inkarnate into a new life to take on a new identity and learn something else.

This is to let loose the problems that we brought with us from former lives and process them or rather deal with them in this life.
Every life has certain tasks for us in store, and if we weren't able to solve the problem in the respective life, then we get the change in the next one.

A problem that hasn't been solved or was just blocked out, of course will cause a problem and will be a strong hindrance.
Therefore it is really important to solve old karma - morst of all negative ones, that hold negative memories and emotions and then finally dissolve the blockades and problems.

To understand the tasks better one can also do a regression if one likes.
Of course the easiest way is just to let the karm be solved by me.

I will tell you about tasks and the possible cause for your troubles or blockades so that you will be able to deal with all this more easily.

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