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Medicine pouch

Making a medicine pouch...

medicine pouch
The medicine pouch is like an amulet, a power object. It helps you and supports you.
Traditionally shamans put their power objects into their medicine puches. It contains the shaman's 'medicine' - that means that the shaman has it with him/her while working because it protects and strengthens them. In a traditional way the shamans always carry it with them.

In this seminar everyone can make such a power object - a kind of medicine pouch for themselves whenever they need protection or strength to do something.
This is for people who already are doing shamanic work and want to make medicine pouches for themselves or the people they work for.
The pouch will be inaugurated in a ritual at the end of the workshop.

The seminar is a one day workshop: materials, colours or pearls etc. we will gather together and will work out together in the workshop what to do and how to apply.

No requirements.

For dates regarding this seminar just check this site regularly.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.



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