I help and healHuman and Animal!

Personal Consultation

What is personal consultation ..

There are two possibilities for a personal consultion:

First possibility - appointment in my practice.

After you've made an appointment you'll come to me into my practice and after a short anamnesis I will use various shamanic healing methods to help you solve your problems. This I will decide when I see you.
Such a session will take around 90 minutes. It depends on the situation, and the case.

After my work we will talk about the results and the next steps, if neccessary.

Second possibility - treatment via distant healing

90 % of my work is distant healing.

Energywork and also telepathy are not dependant on space and any matter. It works over long distances.

My work as a healer and telepath contains the reading of energies and seeing of the problems in the soul of the one I am treating.

I just know what the problem is and then will help using the explained techniques. (Techniques)

Therefore I don't need all the information from you, just a short description of the problem or the illness, the emotional troubles, so that I'll know what to do to help you.
In a distant healing you'll have to wait at least 4 weeks due to waiting times at the moment. Of course emergencies I will treat preferentially.

You will receive a report, of what I did and what I saw. This I will send via email or post.

Details about methods of payment you can get via email.