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Power or spirit animals

What is a power or spirit animal

Power animals are very important helpers in shamanic treatment

A shaman healer is only ever as strong as the helpers and spirits are ....

Would you like to meet your Power Animals?

Would you like to learn how your power animal can be a big support for you and how it can help you on your way?

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Power Animals are strong spiritual guides

There was a time, when humans and animals communicated with each other in the same language. However, this situation had been changed drastically by an accident, so that there suddenly was an insuperable barrier between them. The humans detached themselves from the animals, because they simply did not understand them anymore. Anyhow there have always been humans that could break through this barrier and restore the old communication between the species.

Animals have always been profoundly essential and meaningful to the humans, because they represent teachers, guides, companions, friends and protectors. They own a certain magic which the humans can not escape from. The human searches for that special contact in any given way; as does the shaman.

Shamans are capable to reach a level of consciousness that is important to establish a communication with the animals, the plants, the elements or the spirits by shamanic journeying. In this level he or she connects with their spirits, and of course their power animals, that give the shaman the power, he or she needs to work. They guide and lead the shaman. They support, teach, and show the shaman the right path through life, as their personal aide and advisor. The shaman is only as powerful as his or her spirits are, and only through them he or she can work their magic.

There are many different power animals, and not only shamans are accompanied by them. Every person has one or more power animals as their companions in different stages of their lives. As soon as the human has become aware of the presence of the power animal, they can sense the strength and energy, and are able to accept the help and the support the power animal provides them with.