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Seminar 'Reading' Energies

Learn how to 'read' and therefore understand energies ...

In this seminar we deal with the ability to "see" - we will learn how to see and read energy. "Seeing" in this case means finding and recognizing cause for problems and blockades in the energy-system of our bodies, and then dissolve, or release them using a special technique.

Negative energy and massive emotional blockades - energy blockades will be transformed and dealt with.

Mainly we will deal with blockades from our family background, finding and recognizing behaviour patterns that we "inherited" from our parents, then find out the reasons behind those patterns and find a solution for them.
Besides we will learn how to "see and read" different energies in rooms, spaces and on objects and how to release them.

This seminar is most of all a self-help seminar, however we will also learn how to use reading energies to help others.

This seminar is very good for beginnners that want to test the waters regarding energy work, but of course also for people who are advanced and want to deepen their ability to see and feel energies even more.

No requirements.

More information via email. Please contact me.

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