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Shamanic past life regression

A regression can show you where problems and troubles that you have in this life originally came from a former life...

In a shamanic past life regression you won't just see the former life and live it again, but you will most of all get to see the problems and origins of illnesses and troubles you have in this current life, with my help.

Here I'm talking about: fears, phobias or panic attacks that are not allegeable because actually the person who suffers from these e.g. fears has never experienced anything bad in their life.

For example there are lots of people who suffer from a strong claustrophobia but there was never an incident in their lives that could have causes this phobia.

The cause then most likely can be found in a former life.

Such a past life regression can take upt to 4 hours and only takes place in my practice.

In special cases and if the distance allows is I will also come to you.

If you have any questions concerning this please just send me an email.

Details about costs etc. you can ask me about also via email.