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Releasing blockades

How to release energetic hindrances and blockades ...

The energy is always there and flows everywhere, if it is disturbed by different influences like e.g. emotional problems, or illnesses, or negative emotions in general, caused by e.g. anger or aggression, the energy flow is disrupted and hindrances are formed.

The negative energy that for example has been formed by aggression will pile up and if it can't be processed or channeled out of the body somehow will form a strong barrier. That of course can cause big troubles in the body.
The effect of such barriers and blockades is most of the time that the body will get ill in some way or the other.

These blockades that are formed through different situations will be dealt with by me using different shamanic and energetic methods of treatment.

Troubles and illnesses that the body shows can be eliminated via the releasing of the blockades.

Every blockade is there for a cause and it is important that this cause will be found so that the blockade can't come back again.

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