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Fritz F. Schamanic healing "Before I met Serena and before her work, my body was weak and felt empty. I wasn't able to concentrate and also couldn't make any decisions in general, i wasn't interested in anything anymore, and I was simply unable to cope with life. I was depressive and was ready to give in. I really didn't care about anything anymore. I went to doctors but they couldn't help me either. I gave up I was lost, and also to make things worse I became really aggressive. My physical situation was unbearable. I met Serena through my wife: and due to my situation and state of mine it was really hard for me to ask for her help.
After she worked with me I noticed the changes in my physical condition and also my state of mind. I started to set goals again in my life. Suddenly, I was able to make decisions again and started to approach people openly. I started to enjoy my work and my life a new.
And then I was able to - just with this positive attitude regarding life and myself – see that there aren't any problems but that there is always a solution for every difficult situation. Slowly but steadily I am partaking in life again and am able to cope with it again.
I am really grateful to Serena for this. There wouldn't have been one single doctor in this world that would have been able to help me in this way. Fritz F. "

Marion M., 40 Seminar 'Reading Energies' "One of the most Serena's most wonderful seminars that I was able to participate in, and I attended almost every one of them. I learned to help myself and heal myself (and this without doing much), what was very important to me, because it helped me very much, in my own learning process. You don't need any basics, just an 'open mind'. I think this is a great beginners seminar for everyone."

Melanie Berg, Student, 23 Shamanic Healing "I was really depressiv and didn't actually see any kind of solution to my problems, that really would help. Since I was 16 years old, I have been in psychological treatment by different therapists, because after my parents divorced and also other traumatic events in my life, I always had the feeling that I wouldn't belong anywhere anymore and I felt alone and scared all the time. I started to smoke and later on I also started to take drugs. Much later my therapists also prescribed strong antidepressant drugs, but then I felt even more empty and numb. I met Serena through a friend on mine and made an appointment. Even after the first session everything became different, and I started to feel so much better. Meanwhile I don't need any medication any more, and I am now giving up smoking. Serena is a big help here as well. I am really very confident that I will break this habit with her support. I am so grateful to have met Serena."

Tanja Garling AC Basics-Seminar 2009-03-14 and 15 "The seminar took place in a small group (4 participants)and that was fantastic. Everything was explained very well and plausible and the way to exercise in the group with the direct exchange was very convenient and it was great fun. The big difference to another seminar that I participated in, a few years ago with another animal communicator, was that Serena Lorenz participated actively in the exercises and therefore gave us direct feedback, if the information that we received from the animal was correct. This is very important most of all in the early stages when you are still full of doubt.
We had fun, laughed a lot and everybody had their small successes. The acquisition of the animal communication changed my life. I can recommend this to everyone who is in touch with animal and nature, and wants to open their minds. It's a totally different world that opens up to you if you let it."

Patricia Sanchéz-Lafuente Mummert, www.yoga-in.de Animal communication and shamanic treatment Patricia provided me with the report I wrote about my shamanic work and telepathic conversation with her cat Lucia on 2011-06-12, to publish it here:
"When I reached Lutzi, the first thing she tells me is that even if Lutzi was her nickname, her realy name was Lucia and she wanted to be called as such. You should contemplate this and from now on call her Lucia. It's very important to her, and she wants to be taken seriously ......."

Stefanie Retsch Apprenticeship SHAMANIC TRAIL 2011-2012 "In March 2011 I have started my training with Serena Lorenz on the 'Shamanic Trail'.
In the past I attended a few seminars and of course got to know the seminar leaders, so I was able to receive an impression of all of them. With Serena Lorenz it is like this: she at first gets a picture of every individual participant so that she can ensure the best possible supervision for everyone of them.
This is one of the most important things and most of the time is missing with most seminar leaders and trainers. She always primarily establishes the basis for the work that is to be done for the group and the person in question but she always also makes sure that everyone individually will do "their share" of the work, because this is how we learn.
The content of the seminars is being taught very coherently and she gives everyone enough space and time to process everything in their own good time.
She takes good care that the ethics and rules that are very important for this work are being followed, and she doesn't - like many others - let everyone run wherever they like and think that it's the right way, even if it isn't, for themselves, but helps them find themselves first.
It's really fun to work together with her and therefore learning much about yourself and life."

Sabine Maybaum Basics Animal Communication seminar, May 2010 "Although I was really convinced that I would definitely be the only one who wouldn't be able to telepathically communicate and that I would be the only one that never would be able to learn it, Serena accomplished it to show me with lots of patience and ease how to communicate with animals. I really wouldn't want to miss animal communication in my life anymore."

Sabine Maybaum Apprenticeship SHAMANIC TRAIL 2011-2012 "I started training with Serena, when both my health and my job was going downhill. Meanwhile I was able to stabilise using the techniques, methods I learned and knowledge I gained with Serena. Shaman work was always part of my life, but now with this training I was able to start practicing it also. Now many things I never had an explanation for begin to become clear to me. Serena is always there for us while being in training, she cares for us in an ideal way, but of course like in any other apprenticeship everyone individually has to bring something to it as well.
It isn't always easy, you will learn about your own limitations but also if you're ready will be able to overcome them (with Serena's help), and then will experience a totally new awareness of life. "

Nicole Espey, 35 Animal Communication, Workshop 2011-04-16 in Brakel // Basics Animal Communication, 2011-10-01 and 02 in Villmar "I engaged in animal communication because I wanted to know if my fellow lodgers (two cats) are happy with me and their home. I was amazed with the result and went to buy and read some books about it. When I heard about the 1-day workshop in Brakel last April 2011 I was so happy to be able to participate. What I could experience there was fantastic, so I decided:"I want more of this!" That's how I send Serena the application for the basics animal communication seminar in Villmar, this October, and there it became clear to me that I still want more. I think it's wonderful that this means of communication is available, so that I can communicate with my fellow lodgers, and I thank you Serena, that you showed me the way and taught me animal communication!"

Sandra Lauer Animal communication and shamanic work with dog 'Grace' Grace "In September 2009 a 4 year old and very scared and distraught dog came into our family. Even 9 months later there was no visible advancement of the whole situation - Grace trembled on every occasion and became emotionally and physically paralized whenever there was something that she was afraid of, and that was almost anything.
In the beginning of May this year Serena talked the first time with Grace - in June she worked with Grace to deal with Grace's traumata.
Without knowing exactly when Serena would be working or be finished with Grace I was suddenly sure:"Now it's done!" Grace started to play with our other dog, at last started to search for physical contact and body contact and she started to confide in us.
The most beautiful thing is however, that now you can see that she is not afraid anymore - she plays, she runs, she learns !! and she can just be a 'dog'!
Thank you very much Serena ! I know that without your work this wouldn't have been possible, ever!"

Laura H., student In general "I did several different seminars with Serena, and what I always find the best about it is that in addition to the actual subject, personal development always plays an important part. Every seminar brought me considerably closer to my personal goal!"

Janine T., 17, student Animal communication, advanced course 2, in Worbis in the 'Bear Park' of the 4Paws Animal Rights Organisation, 2010 "The long jouney was really worth it. We arrived in the bear park and we experienced the animals completely anew. We were allowed to talk to and watch the bears and when have you ever had the possibility to watch a bear from this close. It was not only special for us, but also for the animals. In the beginning it took some training, but it was definitely worth it, because to really feel this special connection between human and animal, and then being able to find a solution for the problem together with the bear - it was fantastic. If we open up to them, everything then seems to be so much easier. The mutual understanding und also the mutual support - with all the animals in general - I really don't want to miss this in my life anymore."