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Plan for 2016 to download here

Plan for 2016

I offer an apprenticeship, the Shamanic Trail which starts again every second year.
I also offer many different shamanic seminars. Among otheres the art of shamanic journeying and many more...


Connecting with mother nature
In the seminars about animal communication we connect with nature, because human - animal - nature are inseparable. In the advanced courses we deepen the ability to communicate telepathically.


Application forms you can download here download application form

You have to complete the form and send it to me via email or post. If you have any questions please just contact me via the contact form or by phone.

Please note that participation is at your own perils and risks.


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March, 2019
Start of the new apprenticeship!


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What my clients say

Melanie Berg Student Shamanic Healing "I was really depressive and didn't actually see any kind of solution to my problems .."

Patricia S.-L. Mummert yoga-inn.de Yoga Teacher Patricia provided me with the journal I wrote to my shamanic work and telepathic conversation with her cat Lucia..

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