I help and healHuman and Animal!

Shamanic work

My shamanic work in general...

My shamanic work in general contains additionally things like the support and the help in the every day life regarding for example rituals, celebrations, ceremonies etc.

From time to time people come to me to bind them together in an "additional" spiritual 'marriage' or they ask for a ritual for their children when those go from being children to young adults, which in our time no one really pays attention to anymore, even if this is a great step for any child.

Puberty is looked at by adults, as well as the teachers in school, most of the time with a rolling of the eyes, because it makes the children hard to get along with.
That this time is a really difficult and eventful time and most of the time is not regarded as such, even if actually it should be celebrated but treated with disdain.

Also my work contains the help to search for your power animal or other helpers and spirits that want to be found.

Power animals are wonderful companions and of course they are important aides and guides.