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About shamanism

What is Shamanism? In my opinion... ...

Shamans (=healers) have always been there within living memory. They are advisors and supporters of their fellow men. They see the soul, and they just know.
In the ancient times they performed certain rituals or used percussion instruments such as rattles or drums. Also water, fire, stones, plants and singing often accompany shamanic work. Even today most of those methods and rituals are still used, but times change and most of all in the western world, the material world, the shamans adjust their methods to the modern times. So however, how it varies which method is used specifically with the particular shaman, they all have the same goal, but to help and bring recovery, or solve the problems their fellow men are fighting with. It is only through the help of their power animals and spirits from all parts of the earth, from nature, from the animal kingdom and from the elements, that the shaman is able to work strongly and help successfully.
The shaman recovers the soul by shifting consciousness. In that state he or she is able to call all the spiritual aids he or she has and then bring the essential recovery.

Nowadays people more and more experience, learn and understand that most of all the soul - thus the spiritual level in a person - has to be taken into consideration, because only if the soul is in health, the human also can be healthy. As it were the shamans are sort of ambassadors who communicate between body and soul to bring recovery.

Serena Lorenz