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shamanic identity retrieval

- also called soul retrieval -

What does identity retrieval mean...?

What does it mean when there is a fraction of the soul missing?

I always explain the soul as a kind of a house in which the individual rooms stand for a certain situation, or an occurence or of course a certain incident that lead to a trauma.
If such a trauma has happened to a certain time, then the soul tries to protect itself, by shutting out everything and everyone concerning the incident, and a fraction of the identity (=the human shell) that the soul had to this time will be lost in some 'room' somewhere in this 'house' that I call the soul. This is just a means to protect the 'rest' so that not everything will be damaged by the shock or the trauma.

If this room then is completely shut and not accessible any more, there of course will arise a big problem, like a black hole, a deep hollow in the energy of this soul. And the person will start to feel e.g. empty. Such an emptiness will at one time or the other start to trouble the person, with illnesses or emotional turmoil.

The persons reaction to this emptiness, this 'black hole' is that it must be filled somehow, the emptiness must be compensated somehow and most of the time it's filled with behaviour patterns like addictions, fears, phobias 'bad habits' etc. finally negative energy forms and this on the other hand will form illnesses.

It's therefore really important and essential that these fractions will be found and made accessible again and most of all find the cause for the loss of them and deal with it. Only then the person can heal after such a loss of a fraction of the soul, for good.

Symptoms that a person may experience in case of an identity loss:

    · Experiencing a numbness, apathy, lack of direction
      · Feeling disconnected, fragmented, outside your body
        · Searching for external things to fill an inner emptiness
          · Feeling chronic depression, suicidal
            · Having difficulty moving on in your life after loss, divorce
              · Struggling with addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling
                · Feeling stuck in a recurring pattern or issue

              Like mentioned above it happens that in traumatic situations, e.g. like the death of a beloved person, parts or fractions of the identity leave so that the soul in itself wouldn't be affected by the force of the accident or trauma. After careful and dilligent preparations those parts will be retrieved from the present or from former lives and will be brought back to the soul in need.

              For people in search of help for their animal friends: The same procedure also is used in case I work with an animal, the only difference is that I use telepathy to communicate the problem.

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