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The sweat lodge is a wonderful way to cleanse body and soul of hindrances or to work on and process a certain emotional issue.
Traditionally the sweat lodge (sweat lodge - 'inipi' in Lakota ='they sweat') was a ceremonial sauna and was and still is an important event in some North American First Nations or Native American cultures. Its fundamental use is to clean body and soul from anything that causes an illness.

This is of course also my reason for holding a sweat lodge ceremony, even if I changed it a bit and added some celtic influences, as I am a European woman, but the initial goal stays the same.
It is about processing, letting loose, cleansing of emotional hindrances, cleansing of any kind of emotional and energetic waste, strengthening via the ritual sweating ceremony and healing of illnesses, e.g. rheumatism.

The sweat lodge is always built according to the leader of the sweat lodge. Usually is made from osier stakes or hazelnut stakes. The stakes are being put into wholes in the ground and being bound together in the middle so that it builds a hut.
In the middle of the hut one digs a hole for the hot stones. The fire will be built near the sweat lodge also according to the leader of the sweat lodge.

The workshop is either one or two days long.

No requirements.

"Sweat lodge" workshops / seminars / dates are not planned at the moment. You can contact me for more detailed information.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.



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