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What is telepathy?

Telepathy (ancient greek: tele 'far, long' und páthos, 'suffering')

The definition of telepathy and translated from the greek words 'telos' = goal, destination and 'pathein' = incur, suffer, feel.

Telepathy is basially the transfer of information between living beings without the influence of the five senses or current physical interactions.

I just call it a silent, but wonderful communication via energiy that flows between us, all living beings on this planet.

It is just a 'different' means of communication but one that all beings share to communicate with each other - if they want.
That's how it has been as long as there have been men on this earth.

And also even if we don't use this language consciously in our fast and contemporary time, this doesn't mean that we can't bring it to life again.

On the contrary, I've been teaching people this language for many years now to built up this connection again between humans and animals. Have a look at my seminar plan:
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