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What is traumatherapy...

Traumatherapy, in this case, and in my shamanic way, I call the work that I do energetically after I found out what the cause for the troubles of the e.g. person is that came to me for seraching for help.

Traumata occur after a person has a shocking experience and the soul is left with such a big injury that therefore body mind and soul suffer from the serious and negative consequences.

Such consequences sometimes severe sense of guilt and shame, fear, depression etc.

Also intensive brooding about and analysing the bad occurence and then contemplating how everything could have been prevented.
Such traumata control the whole life of the one who suffers from it and many of those consequences of course have an effect on their everyday life.

My shamanic treatment of traumata contains the search for the experience energetically then detect the exact cause for the trauma und finally solve it by using my method to heal a trauma.

I can of course not erase the images you have in your mind while you remember what happened to you, but I can neutralise the emotions that surely will come up when you think of it. And by neutralising and transforming them into positive emotions I can heal the trauma.

After the trauma has been processed old behaviour patterns will soon dissolve and one can go back to leading a normal life without being controlled by a bad experience from the past.

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